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 3.8 Jaguar E-Type Opalescent Dark Green
 Fixed Head Coupe Beige
 Right Hand Drive 
   Roland C. Bellamy - Grimsby
 860018 21 October 1961
 V1100 Lincoln
 EB1326JS Lincs
 16 October 1961 Great Britain
 1961 Opalescent Dark Green
 2006 Beige
 Awaiting Rest. 
 Original Birmingham
  West Midlands
United KingdomUnited Kingdom

United KingdomMRW535

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Record Creation: Entered on 9 January 2020.

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Originality: Noted for being in "original condition"


Heritage Notes

Was the only FHC sold through Roland C. Bellamy during the month of October as verified by the Heritage Trust records and listed in Phillip Porter\'s book - E-Type: The Definitive History. Page 192.

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2004-04-06 08:51:35 | Herman Stöver writes:

According to the " International Jaguar E-Type Register / Directory of Vehicles and Owners, 1986 edition "of the Jaguar Drivers Club this car was (1986 Owned by Leslie J.R. White from Hacienda Heights, California USA registration nr. 43 HFU

2006-08-22 21:52:15 | John D. Arrington writes:

Car titled in Virginia in January of 1989, with verified 61,325 actual miles. Recently purchased-(August, 2006) from the estate of owner since 1989. Car has been stored indoors, Does run, and is very dirty, patchy paint, partially stripped, but very complete and easily restorable. My personal research has led it through a previous register in Cary, North Carolina during the late 1970's. Any additional help in documentation will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

2007-05-30 08:40:28 | robert writes:

Article appeared in "the e-type" june 2007 magazine , it is owned by John D Arrington, Lebanon Virginia USA, he writes that he is begining the restoration as the car is in a shabby shape , though with all matching numbers. Apparently the original owner was a Mr M.Vincent, Burwell Manor, Burwell Lincolnshire. the car was sold through Roland C Bellamy on Oct 21st 1961. and listed as the only FHC sold that month. Reg nbr was MRW 535.

2008-04-29 01:49:46 | John D. Arrington writes:

As restoration progresses, I must correct my previously recorded information. The body number is actually V1100, as embossed on the small tag attached to inner rear fender flank , this also corresponds to heritage document, and data plate which was extremely corroded and barely legible before chemical strip to verify all numbers. We had not previously disassembeled the car to this extent, have also found the old, original, dried cracked biscuit leather under the vinyl recovering of the seats. Car will require new floors, sills, and such but has all of the interesting features of the early production "flat-floor" cars. It is very "rough" , and probably the dirtiest and most corrosive of any of the cars I have ever restored. But it is uniquely complete. I would love to know more about its first owner, Mr. M. Vincent, and when it came to the US, or any information avaliable.

2009-05-23 10:58:48 | Dave Grosse writes:

MRW xxx was issued by Coventry BC during 1952, so I don't see how this could have been the original issue for a 1961 vehicle ...?
Equally, although 43HFU would fit geographically (Lincs Lindsey), this registration was issued in early 1964, so doesn't fit chronologically either.

2009-06-23 00:57:17 | John D. Arrington writes:

Thank you Dave, for the information....I have no idea as to the determination of the registration, or how it was issued? I am very interested in any, and all information about the car. I have tried several leads...which have all just "dead ended." I would like to know about the previous owners, when the car came to the U. S.?.....any information anyone has...I will greatly appreciate.....Thanks again.

2014-07-07 16:57:01 | Tim Snowden writes:

Dear John,
We own the other October car that Bellamy's sold, a RHD roadster car 850203 Only these two cars were sold by them in Oct 61. These cars are like brother and sister and ours was re repatriated to the UK from Florida last year. I wonder if it would be possible to call on you when we visit Hershey in October. We stay with Scott & Crystal at Inn 422 in Lebanon and have done so for the last 10+yrs.
I would be interested to meet you and see the sister car. Kind Regards from the UK, Tim Snowden

2014-10-10 20:37:47 | John D. Arrington writes:

Dear Tim...my apologies for taking so long to respond to you...I received your letter today and telephoned the Inn to hopefully reach you. I would be most happy to show you "18" as I call it....It is very very shabby... and probably disappointing to you...but you are most welcome to see it. I have boxed up several things like the radio... but will happily let you see everything...it is very very rough...needing everything but has its original lenses...the marston radiator....and all of the other earliest details...I catalogued the information using Haddock's book and attempted to make some contacts via the Jaguar club, but never had any success as to completing the car's early history.....I would love to know even any information on Roland C. Bellamy...and any information, and also more about your car, as I agree, its fascinating to me to discover any history of relating cars... my number is public, and I am easily reached at 276-794-1234... Thanks and Best regards..John Arrington

2015-05-29 03:30:37 | Masayuki Goto writes:

This E-Type made up Racing Style and live in west side of Japan.

2015-05-29 06:45:33 | Masayuki Goto writes:

My friend have got C/No 860018 here in Japan
I think the car restored/ made up Racing in 1980S.

2015-06-04 04:08:21 | Anonymous writes:

I'm not sure how this car, which looks good, and appears nicely built for competition, has been identified as 860018, but regardless, I have 860018 in my garage, very dirty, and quite shabby, but its does run. the trace certificate is 11452, and was extensively researched by myself and Michael Cook in 2007...As recorded in earlier posts, here,...it has all of the earliest features identified in factory records...the white plastic defroster vents, the unshielded rear hubs, its original, marston excelsior radiator......and all switches date from as early as 1960...it has the large, cigar lighter, "ungrounded" as referenced by the factory changes in production.... The engine number, gearbox, and even differential have also been verified, I have owned the car for about ten years now, I have traced it to California during the 1980s, via its original California title, and have even researched back to Cary, North Carolina, via DMV records in the 1970's.

2015-06-04 04:28:12 | John D. Arrington writes:

The above, previous "Anonymous" post was by me.....after seeing the photos of the competition E-type claiming to be "018"....I can attest that my car has its original, Reynolds tubing frame in the front, with its original 860018 stamping, by the factory, on the subframe above the shock mount....Pictures will soon follow!!!

2018-04-04 17:29:21 | Lofty writes:

FHC sold through Roland C. Bellamy Grimsby--During the month of October as verified by the Heritage Trust records and listed in Phillip Porter's book - E-Type: The Definitive History. Page 192.

2018-05-22 20:23:54 | Tim Vincent writes:

My father is Michael Robin Vincent and I was born at Burwell Manor Nr Louth Lincolnshire.

His number plate was MRV 535 (note not W as recorded here - this is a typo) we still own this number plate.

So I am pleased to have found Dad's etype. He had several but always spoke very fondly of this car.

We would love to get in touch with the current owners. Do we know who in Virgina owns the car and whether we can liaise?

Be happy to liaise with Mr Arrington or others above who express an interest in knowing about my father and his passion for these Jaguars.



2020-01-09 07:45:48 | Mike Lewis writes:

Hello Tim Vincent,

My Name is Mike. My father is currently in the process of purchasing this vehicle. We are both very interested in the history of this car and Etypes in general. It would be wonderful if you could call me at your convenience to have a chat about your father and of all things "Etype"

My number is 07968255580

Many thanks and best regards


2020-01-17 08:30:08 | pauls writes:

It is believed the car in Japan is not 860018, the owner has been contacted. Enough information about the car will remain here for the time being so the second car to be indentified. We believe Mike Lewis (above post) now has the original car and hope he updates us all here.

2020-04-09 13:24:50 | Oliver Winbolt writes:

Hi All,

We now have the car at our workshops, restoration in progress for Mike. Please see pics I'll post of all the important numbers, etc. The car is 100% correct, been down to the number on the back of the trim panels that are retained with the car. We have also checked engine number (block and head) block casting date, front frame number, gearbox number, etc We will continue to post images, with Mike's approval, as we progress with the restoration.

All the best,


2020-05-23 09:37:16 | Ferruccio Camerlengo writes:

just returning back to January 2020, I checked the pictures of this e type restoration project for sale in US, and signalled to this register. I received the pictures of this car and the clear chassis number stamped .No doubts. I was not sure to buy it, being a RHD ( I live in Europe ) and in any case it was promptly bought by another passionate.

Happy that now it seems that the correct car is identified.

I will briefly post the pictures when for sale in January.

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