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Owns: P1R43776BW  

Updated October 6th, 2013. Not legal proof of ownership.

Hans Behaegel
Owns: 1R7649  

Updated April 12th, 2020. Not legal proof of ownership.

Hans Borgonjen
Owns: 876019  

Being myself from 1951, I was very happy with my 1951 XK120 OTS. But...., I sold it at the MEXX classic show when my car was on the Jaguar booth (see photo). The XK is beautiful, but less practice than an E-type; I nevertheless choose the most less practical E-type version, but also in my opinion the most attractive one: a black coloured flatfloor OTS from 1961. Meaning that after 12 years XK, we are now restoring an E-type S1 3.8 OTS flatfloor 1961.

Updated November 23rd, 2012. Not legal proof of ownership.

Hans Brevoord
Owns: P2R13950  

Since 2000 I am owner of XKE.Bought it in just restored condition but as paint began to show bubbles after about 3 years it was restored big time to concours condition in 2006.
We spend every summer (4 months) in Normandy and take the E with us for day trips. Never let us down so far (knocking on the wheel)
Maintenance and technical care are taken care of by myself.
Car runs about 10.000 miles every year. Was originally US specs but later car went to Switzerland where the swiss owner did the half baked restoration.
I bought the car in Holland so that gives it a rather international history. I reconverted the car to european specs (rear axle ratio, 3 SU carbs, KM speedometer and jettisoned the side marker lights.
I should welcome email contact to xchange experiences.

Updated January 24th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

hans lemmens
Owns: 1E78369  

Since 1998 owner of the e-type serie 1,5 (1e78369)

Updated August 9th, 2014. Not legal proof of ownership.

Harry Suter
Owns: 1E1251  

Updated March 27th, 2022. Not legal proof of ownership.

Hayden Leadford
Owns: 1E34841  

Jaguar owner for close to 40 years. In addition t Etype, I own a 1965 Daimler 2.5 litre sedan.

Updated August 1st, 2021. Not legal proof of ownership.

Henry Pitts
Owns: P2R14639  

Live in the country north of Baltimore with horses, cats and dogs and now a Jaguar. Oh, and a wife! Am looking forward to driving my new 1971 E type after a 35 year hiatis.

Updated November 1st, 2004. Not legal proof of ownership.

Hiro Furukawa
Owns: 1E12583  

I live in Tokyo Japan with my wife.
Almost finished a restoration for my XKE.

Updated September 15th, 2005. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: 1E76802  

I love english classic car , my first one was and is an MGB , then this Etype since 1989 , I also fully restaured an MGA; My Etype is USA origine its original color is marroon but now Jade metalic green( a abit like old aston martin) it is a killer for a 2+2

Updated May 27th, 2004. Not legal proof of ownership.

howard bollinger
Owns: 875864  

My first Jaguar was a 1954 XK120SE OTS i bought back in 1958 while in college. I've had two XJ6 Series 3 saloons, a 2.4 saloon, a 1953 XK120SE FHC, another 1954 XK120SE OTS that was twice JCNA National Champion in Class 2 in 2000 and 2001 and still own a "velocity yellow" 1961 E-Type OTS that I've had since 1970. It currently is entered in JCNA shows in Class S-3. This is the Jaguar I will never part with! A JT5 transmission goes in Jan. 2009.

Updated January 14th, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.

Howard M
Owns: 1E10177  

I bought this car in 1978 in Houston. It was in mediocre condition: indoor-outdoor carpet, weak clutch, ... We started rebuilding in 1988, and finished and registered it again in 2006. It is basically stock, with modern functional upgrades to the cooling fan, distributor innards, windscreen washer pump, radio, and starter. It has now retired with us in San Francisco. What a blast to cruise down the curvy part of Lombard St.

Updated April 27th, 2013. Not legal proof of ownership.

Howard R Cox
Owns: 860838  

Had my Ist E type at 20 I sold it to get married at 23. Had my 2nd E type at 26. I sold it at 30 when the business was going bust. My 3rd E type I just bought at 57 and I'm keeping it, as I'm now single and retired :-)

Updated November 14th, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.