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Vahid Ghassemian
Owns: 1R10305  

I once drove an MGA in 1984 and fell in love with the feeling of driving a classic British car and bought my own first British sport classic in 1986. It was an Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 that I had restored and then lost in a house fire. Years went by and after a TR6, a new Porsche 911 and raising two kids, the time was right to go back to what I have always loved doing. I bought the 1960 Austin Healey in 2012 and brought it up to a real beautiful driving condition through a major restoration but not frame off. I found the Jaguar in 2014 and pretty much did the same kind of restoration. This car had sat in a garage for most of the previous 22 years.

Updated March 4th, 2015. Not legal proof of ownership.

Victor Pickering
Owns: 1R27884  

Updated December 29th, 2017. Not legal proof of ownership.

Owns: 1R41443  

Updated February 20th, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.

Vince Cooke
Owns: 1R7130  

Captain, US Navy (Retired), 26 years active duty, 3 commands afloat. Taught high school math and physics. Organized and ran Challenger Races for America's Cup in 1992 and 1995 in San Diego, and 2000 in New Zealand.

Updated February 24th, 2011. Not legal proof of ownership.

vince martin
Owns: 1E21872  

I have owned the E Type for 10 years

Updated November 12th, 2018. Not legal proof of ownership.

Vincent Akkermans
Owns: 1E17927  

After traveling over the world for a German company for more then 11 years I decided to start my own company. the up side is, that now I have my company up and running, I have time on my hands to finaly buy a proper car again! I enjoy driving it as much as I do working on it. In fact, right now it is reduced to a lot of parts in boxes..... Cant wait to take it on the road again next year (if all goes well) we have planned a trip trough Germany, France, Switserland, Italy and back trough Austria, Germany and home again (Holland) Good trip to try out that 5-speed on the German Autobahn and have some fun with the beemers!

Updated December 3rd, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

Vincent Disselkoen
Owns: 1E10399  

Updated August 30th, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

Vincent Murphy
Owns: 1E17252  

Although I own several late-1960's vintage cars, I am a first-time E-Type owner who has lusted after one since about 1964. I have joined looking for advice and resources.

Updated August 31st, 2009. Not legal proof of ownership.