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Exploded view of the XKE Rear Axle

by Paul Spurlock


The above is a low resolution version of the diagram in the following Adobe Acrobat file you can download:

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2003-05-15 03:38:47 | Roger writes:

Thanks, Paul!

2010-11-10 22:07:21 | john writes:


I have been experiencing some noise from my rear end when I make a left turn. The noise isn't alway there, but seems to happen after more than 40 miles of driving. It make a load clunking type noise. The noise will go away once I start driving straight? Any thoughts
Thanks in advance

69 XKE 2+2

2011-01-14 06:20:24 | dreameagle writes:

this seems actually a standard car question for any IRS equipped vehicle;

sure sounds like you have a bad bearing somewhere, most likely the wheel or axle on the side that is clunking;

if one side is gone, you can almost count off the seconds til the other side goes, as well;

that probably wasn't the good news you wer hoping to hear, but it's better than driving on it til you lock up one side, spin out and marry yourself to a pole or tree;

give that some thought, because that's probably the way Clark bought it, and no ten of us put together could match his skills;

2011-03-18 03:03:45 | Ivar writes:

I would like to know, for an E Type S1 4,2L automatic transmission, what is maximum diffrence speed between ratio 2.88 an 3.54.

Thank you

2020-08-16 14:56:49 | JJ Knight writes:


This is the first time I've participated in this particular feature offered to members.

I am just starting the restoration of my '69 Roadster. I've been trying to remove the Bonnett. However, without success in the fashion that has been recommended. That being, removing the two bolts that hold the bushing in the rail that the Bonnett rotates/swings on. It seems as though they may be "frozen" on for lack of a better word. I do not want to use damaging force trying to remove them. I've applied Blaster, WD-40 thus far. Still no movement. Any ideas to lesson the challenge? I could surely use the help. Regards, JJ Knight 1R70001

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