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Wiring Diagram for a 4.2 Liter Series 1 XKE

by Paul Spurlock


The above is a low resolution version of the diagram in the following Adobe Acrobat file you can download:

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2003-05-15 03:44:51 | Roger writes:

Thanks again, Paul!

2003-05-23 16:38:51 | Jerry Hanrahan writes:

I have a problem understanding the chassis number applicability note located at the bottom of the 4.2 liter wiring diagram. I own a "67 Series, 1 FHC with a car # of 1E33399. If I understand the diagram note the wring shown applies to FHC (USA) with chasis numbers GREATER THEN 1E34582. My question is which 4.2 wiring diagram would then apply to my car?

2005-11-05 10:57:02 | Pete Crespin writes:

Jerry, on the first line of the note it says '..from chassis numbers X & Y ....TO and then lists the numbers. Your number, being lower than the upper limit means your car is included.

2007-01-04 06:32:56 | Mark Docherty writes:

where is the relay located for the heated rear window of a 1966 Series 1 2+2? it doesn't appear to be under the dash by the switch.

2007-08-18 09:09:06 | arsmotorsport writes:

Thanks for posting this. It seems that everyone wants to charge an arm and a leg for good information these days on these great cars.

Thanks Nigel

2009-06-19 02:16:15 | Gordon Russell writes:

My company specialises in Jaguars -C D E & XK's in the UK. it is a challenge to get quality information on the 'net but this site is good, well done!!

2009-07-11 20:30:52 | Bob Sack writes:

Thanks Paul - you suggests that I proceed with caution and i will. I have already noticed several situations where the wire colors are different on my car.

Question? What is the 3aw fixture and where is it located?

2011-11-23 19:13:11 | pauls writes:

Uh oh, 3 years late but for the record the 3AW is a silver cylinder mounted to the firewall under the heater. Its sole function is to operate the ignition warning lamp on alternator equipped cars. Its not critical to charging.

2012-04-25 21:17:09 | graham writes:

i am reiwiring my 66FHC that was in a fire. I have a all new wire harness from welshnet. My origanal Lucas cooling fan has 2 termanils labled 1 and 2. the wire leads are green and a black red strip. can anyone tell me which leads to which terminal.
thank you Graham

2012-04-27 09:09:08 | pauls writes:

If its connected backward the fan will run backward, no damage, just move the wires. A FYI, tried to go to your site, it gives an error.

2012-09-03 14:46:13 | Graham writes:

sorry, the site to my cars restoration is

2013-06-10 17:51:01 | rob writes:

Paul's, I am just refitting my S1 single cooling fan. If the green and black/red wires go to the motor terminals, which wires connect to the otter switch? I have a black/green wire and black wire about 19 inches long on the bench? Thanks, Rob

2014-05-20 12:46:12 | Julian wakefield writes:

Hi can any one offer any help on the ignition switch wiring on my series1
I bought a switch from S&J barret in the UK on the back it has 4 terminals
one has two together I can see small numbers , which wires gose where? B/P ? , B/R ? , 2 W ? and B/W ?

2014-09-25 12:53:26 | Chris writes:

I have a 65 4.2 I cant see where the 3AW relay is located, its not on the bulkhead under the heater fan casing

can anyone help? thanks

2016-08-16 00:06:29 | Tom writes:

hi, I have a question,we have a 1963 MK 3.8 Jaguar, need to know negative or positive ground. Thanks

2016-08-28 16:02:20 | Bernd writes:

My E-Type Series 1 OTS LHD 4.2 ltr has chassis N°. 1E13800 and is an USA-Import make Oct 1966. Car came via Canada and Switzerland to Germany.
Question: Which electric schematics can I apply??

2017-03-20 15:47:50 | Heiko Gropp writes:

I own an E-Type series 1, 4,2l, chassis-no. is 31013 and have some trouble with the alternator. It does not charge. The alternator is the original type refurbished on an exchange base. I also changed the 4TR and the 3W but it still does not charge the battery.
Yesterday I found in the internet a little report telling me that there is somewhere a special relais in the charging circuit.
I tried to find it in the wiring diagram, but there is nothing. For what reason is it built in?
Who can provide a circuit diagram for this car (chassis no. 31013).
Thank you in advance

2017-10-24 04:59:44 | Mark Houghton/ writes:

I have a 1968 S1.5 FHC re imported to the UK from Canada (LHD) Can any one direct me to a place where I can find the correct wiring Diag for this car. were they built to USA specs? in which case that wiring diag is applicable or were they differently wired.

2017-10-28 18:51:36 | Anonymous writes:

Hi Mike,
The wiring diagram is very similar to the link (I believe) shown above.
I am finding out there a some discrepancies between the series 1 and 1.5 and 2. The rocker switches for the wiper motor and the wiring to it is a case in point....the wiper motor on my series 1.5 has 3 wires connecting to it, the switch more or less follows the wiring diagram above...
with that said...
I have a 1968 series 1.5 e type ots also. Can you post a photo of how your windshied wiper switch is wired and a photo of the DL3A windshield wiper motor connection to it?

2018-06-12 22:56:30 | Anonymous writes:

i looking for a wiring diagram for a 68 XKE series 1 1/2 coupe with the rocker switches

2018-06-25 18:51:04 | nick writes:

iam looking for a large format wiring diagram for my 1968 XKE series 1 1/2 coupe

2018-08-27 16:22:22 | Steve writes:

On my 67E type fhc, the fuel pump stopped working. i replaced with a new pump, the + wire is hot. There are two other wires, one ground on the pump body and another that grounds to the body at a pump mounting bolt. Both of these wire go forward in the wiring harness, but don't come out on the forward end. Where do these wires go? The pump won't run with the hot wire and grounded to the body of the car as the wiring diagram shows. Is the capacitor needed to run the pump? What am i missing? Steve

2021-01-30 15:44:38 | Bill Rischan writes:

I am looking for color code and termination wiring BY WIRING LOOM .for my 66 e type. Anyone know where I can find it?



2021-10-05 14:26:37 | Anonymous writes:


Wiring schematics in colour

  From 1945 to early 90’s



2022-06-05 13:25:38 | pauls writes:

Nick, a little late but a '68 car is different depending on what part of the world it was originally shipped to. If in the USA, and it probably was since it has rocker switches, the UK didn't have them until the '69 model, my guess is the wiring is similar if not exactly the same as the early S2 cars.

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